Our mission


A Word from the Director

As General Manager of Manoir Stanstead, I maximize my efforts to increase the well-being of residents. Behind this approach, there is a fundamental principle that residents are listened to and respected.

Considering my responsibility, I intend to carry out my professional activities in accordance with the laws and regulations and to promote values based on the respect of the person, their property, the autonomy, the environment, the quality of life and rights and freedom.

In all my relations with the residents, I adopt the same attitude, the same treatment, the same respect that I would like for myself which is with dignity and respect.

In my daily activities, I rely on a number of values that guide my actions. Among the main ones, you’ll notice the following:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Professional rigor
  • Seeking to achieve a level of excellence in the organization of the services offered to you
  • Listen to the residents
  • Hire Competent Staff
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with residents
  • A commitment
  • Integrity

Allow me to wish you a warm welcome to your home. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that your stay at Manoir Stanstead is the most enjoyable phase of your life!

Susie Adam
inf.bsc / General Manager


The mission of Manoir Stanstead is to provide well-being and security to the elderly, the self-reliant and slightly less empowered, who choose to come and live here.

Manoir Stanstead is committed, within its capabilities, to ensuring that the residents under our responsibility maintain their health, independence and a quality of life that promotes development, in a safe environment to live.

In keeping with this mission, Manoir Stanstead bases its decisions and activities on four guiding principles that guide the daily lives of residents and staff.


These core values are the foundation of Manoir Stanstead code of ethics and are defined as follows:

Respect for the person
Everyone has the duty to respect others in all that characterizes them: origin, sex, age, religion, and social class but also according to their needs, disabilities, disabilities or diseases. Everyone has the right to respect for their rights and choices, their dignity and their private life; no form of racism, sexism, harassment or intimidation can be accepted.

Everyone has a duty to accept that the residents we are responsible for are at a stage in their lives where their abilities are sometimes diminished; although they lose their light autonomy, these people are human beings in their own right. Each of the residents have the right to be treated humanely; to be listened to attentively and treated according to their needs, including the most basic ones.

The Equality
Each of them has the right to treat others fairly; in respect of the law, justice or conventions that frame us, no act of discrimination or undue privilege should be tolerated of anyone.

Team spirit
Everyone has a duty to collaborate so that the services provided are of the highest quality; although responsibilities are shared as equitably as possible, everyone must offer help to colleagues when needed. In addition, everyone should make a point of sympathizing with other employees who are dealing with personal or professional problems, and offer them understanding and support.